Mr Scruffy

Mr Scruffy was a timid boy when he came into CP care but that wasn't suprising given that he'd been left behind when his owners moved and he had to fend for himself. 
He was adopted by Ruth in June 2014 who accepts his routines and clearly just wants Mr Scruffy to be happy. She says "I thought you might like an update on Mr Scruffy, the 'ESCAPING CAT', although his escape was just from the house to the nearby thick bushes!  Until I had him I did not know that cats could get into such very small places!

Today, it is a year since this became his home. I found the first few months hard going, but once I relaxed and set my 'tune' to his we have a routine that suits us both. How good it has been to see him gain in confidence, he is still a bit nervous but now just moves away at a steady pace. He does need to know he has an escape route - the door open! Now  I see him as an outdoor cat that likes to sleep on my bed at night, and when it suits him wander in at will during the day, other than just coming in for meals. He is a gentle lad and very dear to me.

All good wishes to you and the Gosport Cat Protection ."

Not all cats are going to snuggle up next to you on the sofa and it's heart warming that Ruth is happy to allow Mr Scruffy to come and go indoors as he chooses.