Well, hello gorgeous indeed!  Young Mum of about 2 years of age was signed into care with her two kittens in June 2016 when her owner was unable to take any of his cats to his new accommodation. This sweet little cat was adopted on 30/07/16 by Sue and family and they love her. After a couple of days in her new home Sue said "Just to let you know that Nala has settled in really really well with us, including my husband Graham ,who has seem to have taken quite a shine to her!! 

When we got her home she came out of the box purring and pushing against us, which really made our day!! She stayed mostly in the carrying case for the first 2 days, but has now made herself at home on Amy's bed. We think we have really made the right decision in adopting Nala rather than the other male cat we had previously seen. 

Thank you so much for giving us the time to make up our minds about her, we hope the kittens didn't miss her too much."

Kittens Bertie & Badger are too busy playing to notice that mum Nala has gone and they will be adopted on 07/08/16 which is more good news.