Nessa came into CP care at just 2 days old with her Mum and 5 litter mates at the beginning of November 2012. She was adopted in January 2013 and went to join another cat in her new home. Her owners told us a few days in her home that "Nessa has settled in well and has us pretty well trained already!  We are trying to persuade her not to go near the fire, and that it is not to good manners to try and eat off our dinner plates! She is a busy little girl, into everything and she and Polly are getting on pretty well and even playing together a bit. She crashes out on a red cushion on the sofa up behind where I sit, and sleeps in her cat-cave at night, or snuggled up to one of us".   

It was lovely to receive another update on 30/01/13 from Nessa's new family who said "She went to the vet yesterday for her injections and she wasn't impressed with the vet or the trip in the car!  The staff remembered her and her sisters.

She is well and truly ay home now and wants to do everything her 'big sister' does.  She won’t eat kitten food so we have to try some different varieties. The vet said it would better for her than the 'light' diet big sister has and she insists on eating with her.  She either sleeps cuddled up to her or on a bed (under the covers) with one of us.  She is giving us great delight and pleasure.”    

Pictured little Nessa with big sis Polly and also on her very own red cushion 
Nessa is about to have her first birthday in November 2013 and her family shared a lovely photo of their grown up girl and said "Wondered if you would like to pop in some time to see Nessa now she is about to turn 1 year old.  
You can see what a beautiful girl she is from this photo.  She is still quite kittenish in a lot of ways and drives big sis Polly mad sometimes with her jumping, leaping and chasing.  She is also quite happy to be an indoor cat a lot of the time and likes to know we are around.  Her mission over summer was to keep the house clear of flies, mosquitoes and anything else buzzy that came into her space.  She will not sit on laps but still prefers to be up around your neck somewhere - bit more awkward now she is grown-up - though she still looks small compared to Polly"