Oscar and Nancy

Oscar and Nancy were two very frightened young cats when they arrived in CP care in February 2015 (their owner had lost his accommodation) and they needed a lot of time from CP volunteers to gain their confidence and encourage them to play. Oscar and Nancy were adopted in April by Gemma and Chris who gave us this wonderful update in mid May.

They have changed so much!   

The first evening we brought them home, they both hid under a blanket together and didn't move for hours. For the first few days they both squished themselves into the same tiny box and just watched us from their safety zone.

When they plucked up the courage, and curiosity got the better of them, they started to explore their new home. They crept around silently without leaving each other's side and were so jumpy at the slightest sound or movement. They are so gentle and don't scratch or bite but they would just tremble in our arms if we picked them up.

Only 3 weeks later and they are like different cats. They love playing together but have become a little more independent and will happily relax in different rooms from one another. When they play, it now sounds like we have ten cats upstairs with all their heavy running around!

Now they have gained confidence and are settling in, we are getting to know their personalities a little more. Nancy is the inquisitive explorer and gets into everything. She loves a gentle stroke but it has to be on her terms! She's quite mischievous but has perfected her innocent look. Oscar has become so affectionate and will approach us when he wants a stroke and he loves a tummy tickle.

Although they are still very cautious, they are both incredibly playful and energetic and are always making as laugh with their antics. Nancy loves pens!! I'm currently spending a lot of time studying and my handwriting is all over the place as she bats the end of my pen with her paw. And if I leave my work unattended, I can be sure my pen won't be there when I get back! Whereas Oscar likes to just sit on my paper or laptop so I end up playing instead of working!

We absolutely love having them around and can't imagine our house without them now.