Otis (formerly Twix) was one of the 'Selection Box' kittens in care before Christmas 2017 and adopted by one of our own volunteers, Rosie. 

Otis is growing fast and this is what Rosie says about her sweet boy aged 7 months old in April 2018.
"We adopted him back in January and set up a room for him to help him settle and give our other three cats the chance to get used to having a newcomer.

It was clear when we got him home that he had no intention of hiding away to get used to his new environment and was wanting to play and explore.

After only a  few days he was wandering around the house and wanting to play with the other cats though they initially were not to sure what to make of him as he was so confident and not phased by any negative responses.

He is a truly delightful boy who loves being picked up and enjoys cuddles though he is very independent and likes time on his own His favourite toy is a long piece of cord which has a mouse attached to the end of it which he likes to carry around the house and his favourite sleeping place is a furry tunnel that goes over a radiator which he likes placed on a cupboard.

He gets on well with Flo our little feral cat and they often play together in the garden and sleep by one another.
He can be very mischievous and early in the morning he will get on our bed and get under the duvet and try to nibble our toes to let us know he wants breakfast.

He is always making us smile with his cheeky character and we cant imagine being without him now."