Coming into CP care in May 2017 when her owner was unable to take her cats to new accommodation, Peppa carried an old injury. On vet’s advice, due to the severity of the problem Peppa had a front leg amputated but adapted well and was soon jumping from shelf to shelf in her foster pen. Peppa was adopted in July by Claire & Martin and despite a noisy journey home, she’s a vocal little cat, quickly settled having a good nose round, enjoyed some cuddles and then found a spot she liked under the bed.

A few weeks later on 13/08/17 Claire showed how happy Peppa is at home. “We wanted to let you know that Peppa has settled in really well. She's adorable and loves affection but is also very playful and energetic, running around after her toys. We are so pleased we decided to adopt a cat, she's a perfect match for us and brings so much joy!” 


Fast forward to April 2018 and Claire let us know how Peppa's getting on - brilliantly as you can see! "She has certainly settled in properly and is so loving and great fun. She’s into everything still, which is very entertaining and we love her so much. She also settles down on us for cuddles which is my favourite thing!" 

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