Percy came into care in June 2013 as a stray with a horrific 

eye injury but he is just a beautiful cat with a lovely personality. Having adopted Beryl and then joined Gosport Cats Protection as a volunteer, Lynn couldn't help herself and wanted to give Percy the special home he deserved. Don't take Lynn's word for it, here's what Percy said after a short time in his new home...

Hello Kate – just thought you may like to know how I am getting on in my new home. I am having a lovely time and have settled in very well. When I first arrived I did not know how to play with toys but with my Mummy’s patience I have realised that it means having lots of fun and guess what Kate – my bestest time is play time, apart from eating as much as I can!!!! Then I love to sit with my new companion Beryl, sometimes we play together and sometimes we sit together and sleep. Usually at night I can be found up on Mummy’s bed and then when Mummy and Daddy go to sleep I have to stay downstairs with Beryl, so we spend a lot of time in the garden chasing away all of the cats who dare enter. On several occasions Mummy has had to come and bring me in to stop me waking the neighbours up. I can be very vocal if I see a cat I do not like!! I am such a happy boy and never thought that after so many months of roaming and not having a home, that I could be so lucky to have such a loving Mummy and Daddy and somewhere I can call my own. Love Percy. xx