Ralph came into CP care in February 2012 and was very nervous.  This lovely cat was simply overlooked by potential adopters until that is, in May 2012 when Trish & Tom thought Ralph was just the cat for them. We have heard from Ralph again on 20/12/12 and it's wonderful to hear how well he is and the family are all happy.

We heard on 14/06/12 how Ralph is settling with his new family. 
"Just a short note to let you know how I'm getting on living at my new forever home. I've been here just over two weeks and have settled in very well, I now spend most of my time out in the rooms, although the first few days I did hide behind the bed (it's still my hidey hole when strangers come in).

I am treated very well, although I haven't been outside yet, Tom says I have to wait until the end of June then he will take me out and show me the boundaries of our garden.

I still have the same type of food that I had at your house, Tom and Trish know that is what I like, I have two water bowls - one in the kitchen with my food and another in the lounge. I still drink a lot. 

We play games in the evening mostly, the fish you gave me when I left your house is great fun. When I have finished playing, I settle on the sofa either on Tom or Trish's lap or between them, and sing loudly while I'm being stroked. When I've got my energy back I usually spot something moving outside so I run and sit on the window sill to see what is happening in the garden.
When I want something, I just shout and either Tom or Trish ask what is the matter and I have to show them that either my water bowl or my food dish is empty, with the food I'm only allowed breakfast and tea but I do get a few treats, either Temptations or Dreamies.

I have attached some photos that Tom took to show me to their family and friends. 
Tom and Trish say they love me, and I am very happy in this home. 
Must go now as it time for Dreamies.
Lots of Love

Ralph is enjoying life and living it to the full with Trish and Tom. We were thrilled to hear from Ralph on 20/12/12 and this is what he says," It has been a long time since I wrote to you with the help of Trish.  Unfortunately, Trish has been in hospital several times, the last time was for major surgery but she is home now and we are having fun,  the three of us. 
Would you please wish all members of the Gosport Town Cat Protection  a Very Happy Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.

Since the last letter I sent, I'm now starting to spend time outside in the garden.  I never attempt to go into the neighbours gardens and spend many hours helping Tom in his greenhouses (he has two) in the garden.  I have a bed on the bench of each greenhouse and quite often I have a sleep on them, the doors are left open so I can get in if I want to.  Tom grows a lot of plants and I often walk all through them to check that they are all o.k. and there are no mice  I am very careful to make sure that I never do any damage to the plants.  Tom loves having me out in the garden with him and when the weather is nice Tom and Trish quite often sit outside and have a drink, I have a drink as well  cos I have a bowl of water in the garden.  They love watching me when I need use some of my energy by charging up and down the garden, chasing anything that moves, could be leaves, sometimes the birds come down onto the lawn but I never get close enough they always fly away. 

I am so pleased that my coat glistens where I am regularly groomed.  My eyes shine and my whiskers are long and healthy.  I have a couple of white whiskers but mostly they are black.  I also have a white star on my chest.

 I still have the same food - Felix As Good As It Looks, and also nuggets, then in the evening after Tom and Trish have had their dinner I get some treats either Temptations of Dreamies.

A few days ago I had lots of fun helping Tom decorate the tree ready for Christmas.  I really inspected the tree and helped Tom construct it, when it came to putting lights and baubles on the tree I was a great help.  I had to let Tom know that it wasn't quite finished as there was no star or fairy on the very top of the tree, anyway Tom and Trish went shopping and came home with a gold star, which is now on the very top of the tree, it looks very good.

Well I have to close now as it is nearly my tea-time and I think I have got some fish could be Pollock, salmon or cod'. 

Lovely to hear from Ralph and his family and we send them all our best wishes and 'Happy Christmas' 

Happy birthday to Ralph on 1st February (2013) with news of his birthday gifts!

"Just a short note to say today is my birthday (well that's what Tom and Trish have decided, it is the date on my registration document). 
I have been lucky, Tom and Trish have given me a scratching post and Tom and Trish's daughters sent me some Dreamies and Temptations, I wanted to open the packets now but was told not until this evening (that is when I have my treats, after Tom and Trish have had their evening meal). 
Did you like the snow, I didn't.  I didn't go outside until it had all gone away, I don't like the rain very much either but Tom opens the greenhouses for me to shelter in so I get a bit of fresh air, but I run very quickly from the house up the garden to the greenhouses. 
I have to close now as Trish wants to go out to do some shopping and as I need her help to type this I have to go to. 
Hope everyone at the Gosport Cat Protection is keeping well.  Will write again in a couple of months 
Lots of Love to everyone


It's clear that Trish and Tom dote on Ralph and he is one very happy cat. How do we know? Why, because he tells us of course!  

Hello Kate and all other ladies at Gosport Town Cats Protection.

I  hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine of the last few days.
Just thought I would write and let you know how things are with me.  I have been here at my forever home for a year now, well actually it is one year and 6 days, I am having a great time here, I can go in and out of the window as many times as I want when those two are at home, a couple of times they have gone out shopping for about an hour or so and left me in the greenhouse, where I have two pieces of carpet on the bench - these are for me to sleep on, also I have three or four bowls dotted around the garden these are filled with fresh water every day so I don't go thirsty whilst I'm outside.  The other day I got told off by Trish cos it was 11 o'clock at night and they were waiting to go to bed and I was still outside, well it was lovely and warm and there was no wind but I came in and she wasn't really annoyed with me she just didn't want me to be out all night.
Anyway, I'm still spoilt, I get either Wiskas or Felix 'As good as it gets' for my breakfast and tea, also there is a bowl with some crunchy biscuits in, in case I get hungry during the day.  About 8 o'clock in the evening it is time for my treats either Wiskas Temptations or Purina Dreamies both are good I get one sort each night.
I do like being out in the garden if it is sunny, I go into the green house with Tom and help him work.  When Tom stops for a cup of tea I move closer to him and roll on my back and he tickles my tummy. 
Next door there are two dogs, they shout a lot but they can't get out of their garden so they don't bother me.
Well that is about all for this time, hope you are all well and I expect you have a lot of cats to look after, I hope they all find forever homes as I have. 
Lots of Love to you all