Feb 2021: Reuben was an unneutered stray living in the garden of a sheltered housing complex prior to coming into Gosport CP care. He was adopted 29th December - our final adoption of 2020. His adopter Mark says:
"The boy Reuben is settling in wonderfully. Quite chatty, very loving, he follows me around the house. Loving his food and his treats, I'm trying to get his weight down a tad but it's hard to say no! He sleeps on my bed at night. Perfect gentleman with the litter tray and loves his catnip banana and Mark operated fishing rod! Still a bit nervous with sudden movements, me putting a coat on etc and my guitar - not sure if that's my playing or the fact the neck looks like a big stick! �� He gets braver and more inquisitive every day, responds to my calls and talks to me when he wants something. He trusts me to remove the sleep from his eyes and loves his daily brush with the bright pink kids tangle teaser hairbrush! Our old cats loved it after I used my granddaughter's hairbrush on the cats thinking it was a cat brush! So, it's been a wonderful experience so far and I think we've both got a huge amount out of it. Next month, I'll introduce him back to the great outdoors in the back garden."