Ruby & Len

ruby GosportLen & Ruby

Ruby & Len were two feral kittens who were very shy and timid of people when they arrived in the care of Gosport Cats Protection in 2014 but with much patience and care they grew in confidence. Just look at them now, in July 2015, and how relaxed they are. Katie says "I can't believe we've had them for 6 months now. 
They have really grown and are loving going out and about.   They love the garden and have explored the area, luckily I saw Len (black & white) first coming back into the garden rather than out over the fence or I would have panicked.  Ruby (tortoiseshell) has been the one to disappear the longest, for 48 hours, but I think she may have got scared somewhere and waited until it was quiet; I was worrying for 2 days and she just sauntered back in as if nothing had happened. 
Len is quite happy now to talk to visitors when they come round although Ruby is still aloof, likes to sit at the top of the stairs so "you can look but not touch". 
Both of them are very cuddly, Ruby loves to come on the bed at night and first thing in the morning for a cuddle and pushes Len out of the way. She also likes to come to the bathroom with us!! She does like a smooth when she is downstairs and we can now walk past her when she is eating without her running away and Len getting 2 dinners.  She is a bit of a Mummy's cat and tolerates Tasha until she's had enough and then runs off to one of her spots, even if this is under Tasha's bed. 
Len loves Tasha as he knows she will play with him all the time and loves to sleep on her bed or even on the Rat cage.  He likes to bring us presents, mainly worms you can see him when it's raining sitting outside watching the garden and waiting for them to come up.  Over the past 2 weeks he has started to sit on my lap in the evening when it is quiet, sometimes with Tasha under a bit of duress.
We love them very much and are so glad that we gave them a forever home - they are gorgeous and very loving."
Everyone at Gosport CP is thrilled to see how happy both the cats and their family, Katie and Natasha are too.