Adopted on 24/01/17 by Mike & Angela, Sammy is enjoying life with his new family and loving exploring his home and garden, after a short stay with CP. Handed into CP in January 2017 having never been outside the flat he lived in, not even to see a vet, Sammy was unable to join his owner in their new accommodation.

Mike & Angela are very happy to have welcomed Sammy to their family, "As you know we lost our little cat Snowy unexpectedly on New Years Day this year. We hadn't thought about homing another cat until we just couldn't bear the emptiness of where he had been. Gosport CP were recommended to us via a local friend in Botley and Chris put us onto Paula mentioning a little black and white kitten coming to the Lee-on-Solent shelter. After speaking to Paula a home visit was arranged and we passed, it was time to meet little Sammy. What can we say, he was a delight and we agreed that we'd like to adopt him. On Tuesday 24th January we collected him and drove him home to Botley to see his new home. We knew he wouldn't replace Snowy but we wanted him to bring his own character into the house. For the first few hours there was no venturing from his cat basket but eventually he made his first little foray into his domain. Gradually over the next couple weeks he explored everywhere! Within two days he found the stairs, the bedrooms, the conservatory, the kitchens and the Mother-in-Law's rooms across the hall. He found and played hard with his toys. He ran everywhere up and downstairs - and he found LAPS!

After two weeks he had his first taste of the garden, had never been outside before. Very tentatively, one step at a time he is seeing his big new world.

He has settled wonderfully and is very much part of our family. He greets us every morning, bounding up onto the bed and purrs like a traction engine! He is clearly very content and we are delighted to have him in our lives. We hope that we can give him a good home for many years to come. Sammy is the 4th cat that has become a happy member of our family over the years through CP. Our thanks go out to them for their help and we appreciate the work that goes into what they do"
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