Smokey & Sooty

Smokey & Sooty were born in March 2013 in Cats Protection care as their pregnant Mum was handed to us when her owner died. The siblings are clearly close and new owner Lisa updated us at the end of May saying the kittens are settling in extremely well. Both have grown lots and are fighting and chasing each other like mad, ahh, sisterly love! Lisa has booked Smokey & Sooty in for their second vaccinations and will follow up with neutering as soon as the vet advises. She can tell the difference between the two kittens but doesn't know which is Smokey and which is Sooty!

Lisa updated us at the beginning of August saying "Just wanted to give you another update on April and May. At last, we decided to rename them and they are now Sooty (was April) and Smokey (was May). They had their op just over a month ago and have been loving the garden ever since. They are both distinct personalities - Sooty is bold, nosy and naughty, while Smokey is a bit more reserved, sleeps a lot, but is going to be a hunter judging by her reaction to a dead vole she stole from our other cat. Both are extremely sweet little cats - they never bite or scratch us. We are both really pleased we adopted them as they've injected a bit of life into our household again"