Feb 2021: First reported as a stray, Sox was living in someone's greenhouse. Despite being returned home, he continued to make his way back to the greenhouse. His owner decided to rehome him for the sake of his welfare. Friendly boy who was with us only a short time before being rehomed to Sarah and her family. Here is what Sarah says:
Sox has definitely made himself at home and from day one was quick to come over for some fuss and attention. He never fails to come and greet us for a big fuss session when we get home from work and is our new 7am alarm for breakfast time! During this latest lockdown, Sox has been a constant study buddy to our daughter although not always very helpful when he tries to eat her pen, play with her paper and jump all over the desk but he does also like to just sprawl out in his basket next to her and keep her company. He was particularly helpful when trying to wrap Xmas gifts! We found he is an excellent tree climber (on Xmas Eve!) and he loves to play outside, coming home with cobwebs over his ears and muddy paws although he definitely isn't a fan of the magpie or crows when they are calling in the garden. And he really loves to play with his ball track and feather stick under the coffee table or a cushion. He is an absolute character and just utterly lovely.
Thank you again for choosing us as a home for our Fantistic Mr Sox as we like to call him.

November 2021: Here is the latest news from Sox' adopters: "Just wanted to share an update on Mr Sox who we adopted one year ago this weekend. Can't believe he has been with us for a year already but also feels like he has been part of the family for so much longer. He makes us smile every day and never fails to greet us when coming home from work or back from one of his adventures, always demanding a period of fuss before settling down. He particularly loves being rubbed down with a towel when he has gone out in the rain and it is not uncommon for him to go back outside briefly just to be dried off again. But in the sunshine, he is happiest rolling in the soil in a plant pot or veg patch or investigating the pond (no fish involved!) He is a consistent, if not always so helpful, study buddy to our daughter and has liked to share in the night when her friends stay over! He is very dearly loved.
Thank you very much again for trusting us as a home for Mr Sox."