Spider & Jocastah

Coming into care in November 2015 when their owner went into hospital, Spider & Jocastah were mature cats of 12 and 14 years of age. Both cats were considerably underweight on arrival in CP care and a geriatric vet profile revealed Jocastah to have high blood pressure and kidney problems and Spider to have thyroid problems. They also had considerable dental problems and needed surgery to remove most of their teeth. Many vet trips were necessary to check the golden oldies progress; they had to put weight on and their health conditions stabilise before they could have dental surgery. Despite all this Spider & Jocastah were friendly and extra cuddly.

In February 2016 with the surgery behind them, Spider & Jocastah were adopted by Kirsty & Kate who were keen to give an older cat a home and decided it would be even better to give two cats a home! It was a long wait but definitely worth it when Spider & Joacastah went to their lovely new home. 

A few months later Spider & Jocastah seem very well settled and very happy, new owner Kirsty said in June 2016 'Spider is doing well, settled in quickly with the help of tummy rubs every morning. Made friends with Paddy easily enough. Likes evenings between us on the sofa but only if the fluffy blanky is available. Refusing to master the cat flap but loving the garden. Jocastah took longer to feel at home, but now climbs into my bed every morning even though Paddy has residence. Very playful, brings her mouse downstairs & miaows when she wants to play. Not so keen on the garden but very brave when she goes go out. Both are absolute joys to have around.' 

(Paddy is the elderly cat already in residence with Kirsty & Kate).