Former stray Tanzey was in CP care from June 2019 until 18/08/19 when she was adopted by Dawn & Dave. Sometimes patience is required when adopting a cat and this was certainly the case for Tanzey who was a very nervous cat. Fast forward to mid October 2019 and Dawn updates us on Tanzey's progress:

Tanzey was very scared and nervous at first but over time she has become quite friendly and now wakes them for her breakfast in the morning and greets them when they come home. Tanzey sits cuddled up to her mum on the sofa and lays along side her in bed. One of her favourite places to sit is on the windowsill watching what’s going on outside, her favourite place to hide is under the stairs on the shoe rack. Tanzey loves attention and fusses on her terms and will let Dawn brush her - she’s still very playful too. It's taken time to build up a bond but they're great friends now.

Thank you for having the patience to persevere Dawn - we're sure the bond between you will only get stronger over time 😻