Shy boy Teddy came into CP care in January 2018 and was very nervous around new people. Adopted on 31/03/18 by Vikki & family look at Teddy now - "Here is our gorgeous Teddy!! He has come such a long way in only a week. He is adorable! Loves his fusses, enjoys a pick up cuddle, kisses and brushes. He purrs and chatters and is delightful! Best of all Marcus seems happy with his new friend too, even though they don't spend much time together yet. Thank you so much for homing him with us xxx" 

A short time later on 11/04/18 there's been another amazing change in Teddy - "Would you believe our very shy Teddy is now a very soppy lap cat??!! How awesome is that!! He has come so far in under 2 weeks, we are amazed! We love him so much. Xxx"