Teddy (was Reggie)

April 2021: 3 year old tabby and white Teddy (formerly Reggie) came to Gosport CP as a stray in February and was found to be FIV positive, so needed to be homed as an indoor cat. He is very friendly and has now been adopted by Helen, who sends us this message with photos: "I thought you might you like to see a few pictures of Teddy last night! He's spent most of the days hiding in various places round the house, but he's been eating everything, and using his trays from the start. Last night, he came downstairs and jumped straight up on my lap, purring away, and if I stopped stroking him, he rammed his head into my hand! At night he's been playing with his toys in the living room! Early days, still get the occasional hiss (which I ignore!), but I think he's definitely beginning to trust me."

May 2021: All is well with Teddy, who can apparently 'eat for England' - his vet isn't worried about his sizable appetite though, describing him as  a big, healthy lad. Teddy has taken to following Helen all around the house and likes to sleep alongside her too. He plays well and seems to have adjusted to an indoor existance - Teddy certainly looks content in the photos below:-

June 2021: I thought you might like to see this - I think Teddy is well settled!!  This was him on my bed last night as I turned the light out!!

April 2022: "
I thought you might like to see a photo of Teddy, on his first "anniversary"!! I can't believe it's a year since he arrived. He's still totally motivated by food(!!), but such an affectionate boy and has also become very sociable when I have friends to stay. They all love him too, even one of my friends who is really not an "animal person"!!
Please do use the photos and his story, especially as it will encourage people to take on FIV cats as they deserve a happy life. He's so affectionate - follows me everywhere and just wants company and love (although food definitely comes first!) and he sleeps on my bed most nights. I really feel lucky to have found him on your website when I did."