29/4/20: Toby is a lovely ginger and white kitten who was born on 8th January in difficult circumstances - his owner was being evicted that day and was unaware that his mum Daisy was pregnant. She had nowhere to take the cats so Gosport CP stepped in at very short notice to take them in. They have been looked after since then but, when Daisy had weaned Toby and was beginning to get a bit tired of having a lively kitten in the pen, it was decided to put him up for adoption. He was a bit of a social media star by then, so was quickly adopted on 13th March.

His new owner Bozena has just sent us this wonderful photo of Toby and a message: "Toby is doing very well, has a very good appetite, even enjoyed wet food yesterday! He has lots of energy followed by long naps. I think he is getting bigger every day! Our daughter Natalia and Toby often play together".