Toffee & Jenny

 Toffee was born in Cats Protection care in March 2012 to a pregnant stray. He was homed in May 2012 and sent his fosterer this lovely note to let her know how he was settling in his new home.  


Hi Toffee Here!

Thought I would let you know how I am doing in my new home.I have been here for 2 weeks now and have settled in nicely. I have a lovely Mum and Dad and a big sister called Pip - she's  a  Jack Russell dog! The first night I was here she licked me all over and gave me a thorough wash. My fur was all wet! I was happy to let her clean me coz I enjoyed it. We play together and we do quite a bit of snoozing too I have sent you some photos of us.

You can visit me any time

I will send you some more photos soon. Toffee 

pictured are Toffee and new best friend, Pip! 

On 06/10/12 we had an update from Toffee (and his new family):

“I am now 7 months old and growing fast – I have grown quite a lot since you saw me l

last. Last week Mummy & Daddy took me to the vets to get neutered – I didn’t know what that meant, but Mummy explained to me that would have less to clean when I have a wash – so that’s good!

When I got home from the vets I only ate roast chicken breast for 2 days yum yum. Pip has been looking after me well this week – she even cleaned me when I was sick. I am better now so we have doing lots of playing.

Will be in touch again soon,

Luv Toffee xx

A new addition to the family in the form of Jenny, a pretty one eyed tortie girl, in November 2014 has proved a happy situation for all. Jenny came into CP care as a stray but is much loved by Rebecca & Graham and feline family Toffee and Pip the dog! Here's what Jenny had to say in January 2015, "I have got a lovely new home and I have settled in nicely. I had a very nice Christmas, my first one. I enjoyed taking the baubles off the tree and pulling down all the tinsel! I get lots of cuddles and lots of lovely food. I know that I am wanted now and that I am loved by my Mummy and Daddy. At Christmas I ate lots of yummy turkey and I also had gammon, prawns and some smoked salmon, it was very yummy and I loved it.

I also got some new toys that I love playing with. I love my big sister Pip and my big brother Toffee. I play chase with them if I feel like it.

I also like cuddling with my Mummy on her lap and I do lots of purring.

I've only got one eye, but Mummy says I'm adorable. I love my new home and want to stay here forever. Lots of love and purrs, Jenny"