Tommy (formerly Tumble) came into CP care as he'd got himself into some fights and became too much for his owners to cope with but once neutered he quickly calmed down.

This adorable boy was soon snapped up by Naomi & Tim who took Tommy home in March 2011. They say "Well we collected him from you on the Saturday and straight away he took a liking to us and our daughter Charlotte (nearly 4 years old) and vica versa. With Matthew our 16 month old it took a couple of days for them to get used to each other, b
ut I can now say all five of us are very happy together.  He is a lovely cat and has such a lot of love to give. When we let him outside for the first time Tommy was so happy to play in the big garden.  He would go off exploring but would keep coming back to check we are still there! Thanks again for matching us up with a beautiful and happy cat."

(Naomi with Tommy & Charlotte pictured).