We've received a lovely update in June 2019 about Trevor, our 3-legged Manx-type boy, who was adopted earlier in the month.  

"Trevor is settling well into his new forever home. He’s a sweet boy who loves to be around us. He’ll follow me around like my shadow on some days and on others he likes to seek solace under the sofa! We know he loves a lot of affection, sitting by the window watching the wildlife in our garden, games with his catnip mouse and feather toy (thank you Jackie!) and has been known to leap into the air and can run pretty fast for a 3 legged cat! We also know that he doesn’t like the bin lorry, hoovering or the garden water sprinkler even though he can only see it through the window! He thinks he’s pretty ready to go outside but it will be a couple of weeks yet before we’re confident he’s ready!"

What a happy looking boy - he's clearly looking forward to exploring the outside in due course.