Zazzles came into CP care in November 2012 when a 
dog was introduced to her home and they just didn't
get along. She was soon spotted on the website by Lisa and adopted in December 2012 as an only cat and only pet and is doing great.

It was lovely to hear how Zazzles is getting on and on 20/01/13 Lisa said "Just thought I'd give you an update on Zazzles. She's doing very well and we're very happy to have her. She's settled in nicely and all of her quirks are coming through. She's very affectionate when she wants to be and she seems to have taken to licking and pawing my fluffy dressing gown until it is wet...but unfortunately only when I'm wearing it! I have got her blankets and teddies but they are just not the same apparently...
She got curious about the garden a couple of weeks ago so I let her out and she loved it! So she now goes out for a little bit each day now, although not in the snow. Instead she watches all the birds from the window where its warmer!
She's a pleasure to have and I'm so glad I adopted her."

We're always pleased to hear of happy families.