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Collecting stamps & foreign coins

We're now collecting used postage stamps and 
unwanted foreign coins and banknotes which we 
can sell to help raise funds for Gosport Cats Protection.  
Ideally stamps should be torn or cut from the envelope leaving at least half an inch of paper around the entire edge. Anything closer and the stamp loses its value. Torn or disfigured stamps are of no use. Any stamp has value but the picture stamps such as the Christmas ones are worth a bit more. Please collect your used stamps for Gosport CP and hand them to one of our volunteers at any of our events. 

Many of us return home from holidays with a collection of foreign coins which tend to then sit forgotten at the back of a drawer. By donating any spare foreign money to Gosport CP we can exchange them for sterling and the money raised will go towards our work in helping needy cats in the Gosport area. Please hand any spare foreign coins to a volunteer at any of our fundraising events.