Lost & Found happy endings

We all like happy endings and we thought you'd like to know about some of the cats, both lost and found, who've appeared on our website and Facebook pages and the outcome. Don't give up hope if you have lost your cat, some of these cats have been missing for months but returned home safely to their families. 
There've been some amazing reunions all brought about by our dedicated L&F volunteers and you, for keeping your eyes peeled and letting us know about any 'found' cats.

Lucy had been missing from home since November 2017 and L&F's determined volunteer Carole doesn't give up and is never off duty. On checking a buy & sell website in January 2018, Carole saw an advert for a stray cat which matched Lucy's description and the area in which she'd disappeared from. Carole contacted the finder who explained that the cat had been in her garden since November and it wasn't until January that she placed the advert. Cue one jubilant owner, a relieved finder and a very happy Carole not forgetting tabby Lucy. A good start to the New Year 2018.

Young tabby boy Dali didn't return from his first foray in the great outdoors on 23/09/17 and owner Hannah was frantic. She did all the right things in alerting CP, vets and friends / family via Facebook but it didn't stop the worry. Two days later CP's Carole received a phone call from Thomas in Ferrol Road to say he had found a cat who resembled Dali. After making a quick call to Hannah, the missing kit was soon home...and grounded for a week. Thanks to Thomas and everyone who kept a look out for Dali. 

Naughty Harvey escaped from his new home on 08/04/17 and owner Clare Shaw spent many hours leafleting the neighbourhood and putting up posters. On 06/05/17 CP's Carole received a message from Alison Robertson to say her mum, Mrs Boys, had been feeding a feline visitor at her Ingledene Close home. Mrs Boys was getting very attached to the visitor and was happy to adopt him if an owner wasn't found. Carole contacted Clare sending pictures too and it seemed that the visiting cat was Harvey. An emotional Clare was reunited with her beloved Harvey on 07/05/17. Fantastic news and thank you to all involved in keeping Harvey safe and back home with Clare. 


Tango went missing from his home in St Thomas’s Road on 24/03/17. Owner Mark was even more worried as he hadn’t managed to get Tango to the vets to be microchipped. It was Happy Easter news when Heidi Bradshaw phoned Carole on 15/04/17 to say a cat had wandered into her home and having checked the CP website for missing cats, with the help of friend Billie Jo, thought there was a very good chance it was Tango. A quick phone call confirmed it was Tango and Mark was thrilled when Carole gave him the good news. Within 10 minutes Mark was in Melville Road collecting Tango for the short journey home. Thanks to Heidi, Billie Jo, Theo and Willow for taking care of Tango until Mark arrived and for making that very important call. Also thanks to Mark for the thoughtful card and donation to Gosport Cats Protection. (Picture: Theo Bradshaw, Willow Commons & Tango).

Not a happy reunion on this occasion but still a super outome for both cat and the new owner and a great start for both to New Year 2017. A ginger & white stray appeared at Angela's home in Elson and he seemed keen to stay. On 31/12/16 Angela rang L&F's Carole for help. Carole scanned the cat for a microchip but as there was no chip she began to try and find the owner. No-one came forward despite several weeks of advertising, which rather suited Colin as he was named, and he was very happily adopted by Angela and her family.
Colin has been to the vets for a health check and of course, that essential microchip. Angela told Carole "I want to thank you for all your help, its really appreciated. Colin is very much part of our family now and we are so glad to be able to formally adopt him." 
Hip hip hooray, lovely news all round and thank you to Angela for her kind donation.
There are happy reunions every month and one of the first in 2017 is Clyde, who went missing in August 2016 from his home he'd recently moved to with his owner in Prince Alfred Street, Gosport. His sister Bonny went AWOL around the same time but returned home quickly. Clyde is microchipped and that's what really helped reunite him with Mrs Moxham, his owner on 22/01/17. Carole spotted a post on a Facebook site for a found cat in Shaftesbury Road, Gosport in January 2017 and after a lot of messages and calls went to see the cat with finder Charlotte. Scanning the cat and a few calls to the microchip company, all on a Sunday afternoon, identified that Clyde had been found. Carole took Clyde home to Mrs Moxham and five months after he went missing he's settling into life at home again. Definitely a case of Happy New Year!

Dottie is another example of never give up hope and that CP continue their efforts to find missing cats despite the time passed. Little Dottie went missing in April 2016 and was safely returned to her owner in September 2016 when a stray cat was reported to the free Lost & Found service. Owner Sally was overjoyed to have Dottie home, CP's Carole was happy to have made it possible. 


Lots of twists and turns for Beauty who first came onto Gosport CP’s radar back in May 2015 when she was only a kitten and reported as a possible stray. After extensive advertising of this lovely girl no one came forward to claim her and she was very lucky that her finders, Jean & Barry, were keen to give her a home. They adopted her calling her Beauty. On 04/12/15 Beauty had a 6 monthly check at her vets in Stubbington when an accident happened and she escaped out of the cat carrier. Gosport CP Lost and Found were called again to help find her. Eight months later, in August 2016 L&F received an email from Val who lives in Stubbington Lane to say a cat had been visiting her garden on a regular basis for the last 2 months and neighbours didn't recognise it. When pictures were received by CP's Carole and the cat scanned for a microchip it was confirmed it was indeed Beauty missing from Springfield Way, Stubbington. Carole delivered Beauty back to her owners on 03/08/16 who were overwhelmed to have her home. She is quite thin, will need lots of TLC and now being spoilt by Jean, Barry and their daughter Gail. Thank you to Val from Stubbington Lane for reporting Beauty.

Emma and her family called Gosport CP L&F when they received a visit from a very friendly and vocal ginger pussycat. It decided to stay for several days and liked sleeping on Emma's bed. Gosport CP responded on 25/07/16 and discovered the male cat was registered as missing and called Molly - yes Molly! Her owner Kim was contacted and she collected Molly the same evening. Kim & Molly had recently moved to a new address but the microchip details hadn't been updated, which is now on Kim's to do list. When moving home or changing phone numbers please try and remember to update the details with your microchip registration company. A lovely happy ending. Pictured is finder Emma and Molly.

The power of social media is incredible and is a huge help in galvanising people to look out for lost cats. Zenny is no exception and was reunited with his owner just two days after his picture and details hit Facebook on 02/07/16. It was seeing the post that someone spotted this striking
cat and he was soon safely back home.

Mo went missing from his Founders Way home at the beginning of 2016, not a good start to the year for Fiona, his owner. Good news though as on 20/04/16 Gosport CP Lost & Found located Mo in St Nicholas Avenue and returned him home to a delighted Fiona. A big thank you to Shelley Milburn of St Nicholas Avenue for taking the time to report the stray living in her shed. Mo is now confined to barracks. Shelley & Mo are pictured. 

Beautiful brothers Bumble & Haggis both went missing on 12/03/16 from their Gosport home and while Bumble returned home the next day, sadly Haggis didn't. They'd only been in their home for a few weeks having been adopted when their former owner died. A few weeks later on 31/03/16 Haggis was found much to the delight and relief of his family who said " I don't believe that I can thank Carole Rudin of the CPL Gosport enough for her advice, loan of trap and general spendidness - we have Haggis back, rather thin and with one watery eye but basically safe and sound".   

Black & white Robin disappeared from his St Helens Road home on 31/05/15 and on 29/12/15 Cindy in Lee-on-Solent phoned L&F's Carole about a stray cat she'd been feeding for a few months. This black & white cat was very wary and it had taken this long for Cindy to get near the cat and gain his confidence. She managed to see that the cat was wearing a collar with a name tag saying 'Robin.' Owner Sharon & CP's Carole went to Lee where Robin was positively identified. Fantastic news but it was all a bit overwhelming and it took another week to get Robin home but he's settling back at home very well and naturally Sharon is delighted. Thanks to Cindy & Andrew for looking out for Robin, to Carole for all her efforts and to Sharon for her donation.

Tabby boy Scooby is a 15 year old cat who didn’t return to his new home in Gomer Lane on 13/11/15 and owner Tracy was naturally worried and upset. Just before Christmas on 23/12/15, Carole at Gosport CP received a call about a possible stray cat in Chester Crescent, Lee on Solent. Though the cat was frightened he was found to be microchipped and a quick call to the microchip registration company confirmed it was Scooby. A mere 20 minutes later Carole had contacted Tracy and arranged to take Scooby home. Tracy was waiting on the door step ready to welcome Scooby and within moments of being in her arms Scooby was purring away. He’s now grounded for at least a fortnight but during that time will have lots of cuddles. Many thanks to Harry Whiteman for taking the time to report Scooby to Gosport Cats Protection.

After a relentless search for Cleo when she went missing from home on 27/09/15, owner Liz Dean thought Cleo had got spooked by the lunar eclipse or or someone had taken her. She didn’t think she’d ever get her back. Meanwhile Cleo had turned up a quarter of a mile away at Sally Dwyer’s home at the beginning of November, sheltering in her garage to be exact. Sally e-mailed Gosport L&F service and hurrah, Cleo’s microchip details were up to date and Liz had already alerted Petlog that Cleo was missing. Needless to say there were tears of joy when Carole reunited Liz with Cleo on 20/12/15. The perfect present just in time for Christmas and a doubly successful weekend for Gosport CP's Lost & Found volunteer Carole.  

Missing from his Bridgemary home since 04/12/15 black cat Raven was much missed by his owner Beverley. He’d been advertised on the Gosport CP website and Facebook pages, other Facebook pages too but there were no sightings of him. Gosport L&F volunteer Carole decided to check Fareham CP’s L& F pages and noticed that a black cat had been seen in the Down End Road area of Fareham since the beginning of December. The sex of the cat was unknown and it hadn’t been checked for a microchip. This cat did have a small white patch on its chest though, just like Raven. On enquiring with the Fareham branch it was established that the cat had been taken into the care of the RSPCA Stubbington Ark. Carole updated Beverley who on visiting The Ark found her beloved boy Raven and very happily took him home on 19/12/15. Thanks to the RSPCA and Gosport CP.

Young kitten Duke went missing from his Mabey Close home on 24/11/15 and it was thanks to Stephen Alexander of St Francis Road, Alverstoke who reunited him with owner Annie on 03/12/15. Stephen borrowed a trap from CP and managed to lure Duke inside with some food and then kindly took Duke to Annie who was very happy to have her little boy home safely. 

4 year old Eddy went missing from his Parham Road home on 28/08/15 and appeared in the Queens Road garden of cat lover Cassandra at the end of September. Cassandra made sure the newcomer had food and shelter while she checked Gosport CP’s L&F pages. She matched the cat in her garden to the report of lost cat Eddy and a photo was sent to owner Jonathan who confirmed it was indeed his missing cat. Jonathan and his daughter Ruby collected Eddy from Queens Road on 29/09/15 and as a thank you gave Cassandra a box of chocolates. Eddy's family also thanked Gosport CP for all their help. 

Beautiful Kizzy went missing from Shaftesbury Road, Gosport on 30/08/15 and Karen, her owner was naturally worried particularly as Kizzy's a timid girl. Lots of shares on Facebook and people looking out for Kizzy and she was home safe and sound on 02/09/15. 

Sprite was reported as a missing cat to Gosport CP on 27/03/15 and by August owner Isabel Goodhand of Queens Road had just about given up hope of seeing her beloved cat again. On 17/08/15 Andrew & Colleen Kirby told Gosport CP of a white cat that had been visiting their garden in St Edwards Road for the previous 5 weeks. The Kirby's were keen to adopt the stray but knew the cat should be checked for a microchip first. Carole Rudin, Gosport CP's L&F volunteer scanned the white cat and there was indeed a chip. Carole phoned an overjoyed Isabel to tell her that Sprite had been found. Andrew & Colleen were sad not to be able to adopt Sprite but were very pleased they'd helped reunite a long missing and much loved cat with her owner just two roads away!

12 year old Whisper went missing from her home around Westfield Avenue, Fareham on 02/08/15. She usually stays indoors and a neighbour, Joy Symes later reported a cat hanging round her garden to Gosport CP. With some advertising and brilliant CP detective work by volunteer Carole, Whisper was back home with owner Rosie Blake on 20/08/15. Thanks to Joy and Carole for their efforts. 

Miranda Laming and her husband had a beautiful ginger cat visiting their home in Whitworth Road in July 2015. They thought he was a stray and wanted to find his owner so contacted Gosport CP's Lost & Found service who advertised a plea for his owner to come forward. They were found very quickly and Marley only lived round the corner in Carlyle Road. We are pleased that Marley is now back home with his owner Dani Rickman & Chris Farmer.
Thanks Miranda for alerting Gosport CP in the first instance. 

Marley with Miranda & Chris 

In July a cat named Sue turned up at the Woodcot Residential home and made herself very much at home with the residents and loved their garden. Thank you to Paul for alerting Gosport CP that Sue was probably lost and happily she has been reunited with Claire, her owner.

Tabby Tilly went AWOL on 23/06/15 and was found 5 days later having been accidentally locked in a neighbour's shed. Tilly and Emma Elliott, her owner, were so pleased to see each other.Emma was so grateful for the help and advice from Gosport CP that she kindly made a donation to the charity, and more good news, Emma is interested in joining our volunteer team.  

Mooie, turned up as a stray and reported to CP in June 2015. This 14 year old boy was microchipped but the owner's contact details weren't up to date. Heroic efforts via Facebook resulted in the owners being located and collecting their beloved Mooie who'd been missing for 7 months. Thanks to everyone who helped in this very happy reunion also in June. MooieGosport

Frankie, not neutered or chipped went missing from his Ensign Drive, Rowner home on 08/06/15 but eagled eyed and caring neighbour Claire at Oval Gardens spotted him and he was reunited with his family on 16/06/15. Even more good news as ginger & white Frankie is to be booked in at the vets to be neutered and microchipped. 






Pepper & Pickles
both went missing at the same time from their Lee on Solent home on 17/05/15 and were discovered in a neighbour's shed on 23/05/15. Please could everyone check their sheds and garages when locking them up for the day just in case a cat has snuck in to investigate. 

Another cat missing for months was Skittles, a long haired ginger & white cat from Havant who was away from home since October 2014 until 02/06/15 when he was reported to us by Karla in Gomer. It's great when people take positive action to alert us to stray cats in the area and just fantastic that Skittles was microchipped and with current contact details. 

Buddy missing since March 2014, yes 2014, was reported as a stray to us in May 2015 and was microchipped but the contact numbers weren't current. Determined efforts by L&F volunteer Carole who wrote to the address registered against the microchip resulted in a fabulous reunion on 30/05/15. Thanks to finders Sarah & Nik.  

Little One, a young tortoiseshell female, was reported lost on 23/04/15 and soon returned home with her owner promising to get this little cat microchipped. Great news all round.


Another cat who went missing on 23/04/15 for a few days was 8 year old Whisky and on his return his owners said they plan to get him neutered and microchipped which is just what we like to hear. 

Simba, a Bengal cat was reported missing late on 12/04/15. At lunchtime 13/04/15 builders working on a site at the new sports facility at Bay House alerted Gosport CP to a cat under their site office. A CP volunteer went out immediately to investigate and found a friendly Bengal cat quite at home in the warm site office! The owner was soon informed. Thanks to Mick Mawson, senior site manager for reporting the cat to us, just purrfect. 

Here's Simba on site!  


Tabby Noah went missing from his home late evening on 11/04/15 and very happily returned home on 13/04/15. Margaret, his mum was pleased to have her boy back and grateful to Gosport CP for helping that she made a donation via our Justgiving page. Lovely that Noah is home and thank you to Margaret. Noah's pictured.

Beautiful Florence is home with owners Mark & Claire who'd given up hope of finding her but a keen eyed neighbour spotted her a street away from home, she may have been locked in a shed or garage. Lovely news Florence is home and Mark & Claire thanked Gosport CP for our efforts.  

Demi and Nutkin are two more cats who returned home in March after going missing earlier in the month. Young Demi was starving when she came home after 8 days absence and was busy eating lots and getting lots of cuddles from her owners. 

Nala, Dusty, Biscuit and Sky are all cats who went missing in March 2015 and who were all reunited with their owners in the same month. 

8 month old Smudge went missing from his home early morning on 18/03/15 having broken through the cat flap it’s thought. As an unneutered boy he was probably in search of a lady friend. He was found a few days later wedged in a gap between garages and was soon home safe and well with his owner. Even more good news as Smudge is booked in at the vets to be neutered so lots of TLC for him.

Handsome Keiko, a Norwegian Forest cat, went missing from his Lee on Solent home on 21/02/15 but this timid boy was safely home with his family on 08/03/15. Smiles all round.

Young TC, just 6 months old, went missing in March 2015 and was found just a short while later and is back with his family. TC did have a microchip but it was registered to an address in Bulgaria. It's great that TC is safely back home with his family in Gosport.

Rio went missing in October 2014 and after months of being lost and an extensive poster and online publicity campaign, he has been located just a mile from home on 25/02/15. From the first night of going missing he'd been looked after by an elderly couple who were totally unaware that his family were looking for him. Yesterday they chanced upon a poster and learned the truth about their feline 'lodger'. So Rio is now back home safe and sound, much to the joy of his family. Please, please, if you find a cat and think it might be a stray do arrange for the cat to be scanned for a microchip, a volunteer from Gosport CP can come out and do this or you could take the cat to a vet to be scanned.

Dexter escaped from his owner’s car when they were involved in an accident on the Fareham Road, Gosport on 18/12/14. His cat basket came open and he escaped through an open window. Dexter and his family were moving up north at the time. There was no news of Dexter over Christmas or New Year until 30/01/15 when Carole received a call from a family living in Lower Quay, Fareham who thought Dexter was visiting them. e-mails and photo's were exchanged between the finders and Louise who very happily and emotionally identified the visiting cat as Dexter. REUNITED! Dexter is home and Louise said on 10/02/15 "so over Sunday and Monday we travelled 800 miles to get our baby Dexter home. He is fine, eating well, has been flea treated and will be wormed later today. We just want to thank everyone for their help. Especially Carole who contacted us to let us know Dexter had possibly been found."