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2019 - another year of cat rescue

02 January 2020
2019 - another year of cat rescue

A happy New Year to you. Whilst looking forward to the New Year, Gosport CP ended 2019 on a high with our third annual Christmas shoebox appeal and a huge thank you to everyone who got involved.

Having asked at the beginning of December 2019 to include our foster cats in forthcoming festivities by filling a shoebox with treats and goodies to bring joy to a cat in care at Christmas time and beyond, we’ve been overwhelmed with shoeboxes, ordinary boxes and bags of goodies for the cats.

Christmas aside, Gosport CP volunteers are determined to do their very best for cat welfare all year round whether that’s cats in care, strays or owned cats. A total of 93 cats and kittens were adopted through Gosport CP in 2019 after being fostered by volunteers with 86 home visits carried out also by our wonderful volunteers. 1 cat was transferred to the IoW Adoption Centre and 2 cats signed into care were returned to the owner. Sadly 5 cats were put to sleep on welfare grounds following vet advice. Our rescue work was bolstered further last year with new volunteer fosterers; Jackie has a cattery style pen in her garden while Sue and Dave are indoor fosterers at home.

Positive steps with subsidised snip and chip campaigns in March and July/August meant 115 owned cats are now neutered and 88 microchipped, at the cost of just £10 to the owner.  

The Lost & Found service is always busy and Carole invariably has a phone in one hand and a microchip scanner in the other. She’s dedicated to investigating every report of missing or found cats; advertising, giving advice and scanning found cats for microchips. In 2019 a huge number of L&F reports were made and action taken; 182 cats reported as missing of which 129 returned home, 30 were found by Gosport CP and 23 are sadly still missing. For found cats, 129 were reported as strays or RTA victims and 84 owners were found. 13 strays were admitted to CP care and subsequently found homes and severe health problems meant 2 cats were euthanised on vet advice. There are 2 strays currently on our waiting list to come into care and 1 cat is to be scanned for a microchip.  

Fundraising is essential and huge thanks to volunteers and supporters who got involved with events throughout the year. A new event for us, the sixties night was socially and financially successful and thank you to everyone who baked, bought, donated, crafted, created, quizzed, ran, played the lottery and sang all for the benefit of Gosport CP. Our super duo of Mollie & David continued to hold driveway sales raising £4000 and as at 30/11/19 a fantastic total of £9,743 had been raised.

We're so proud of what our small branch has achieved through the efforts of our volunteers.

Thank you everyone, we can't do what we do without you and look forward to your support in 2020.