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HELP - again! kitten food plea

28 August 2020
HELP - again! kitten food plea
Bessie is doing a fantastic job in feeding her 3 kittens, Teddy, Rufus and Bramble, but needs to eat well to keep up her strength to continue raising her family so well.

As a nursing cat, Bessie uses more than double her normal energy requirements so as well as eating more, it's kitten food which is best for her. 

We've been hugely grateful for all the donations of kitten food we received in response to our earlier appeal and ask for your help again.

Bessie is getting a bit choosy in the kitten food that she's eating and has a penchant for Felix AsGoodAsItLooks (AGAIL) kitten food!  The kitten food we have left will be eaten by Teddy, Rufus and Bramble as they start to be weaned. 

Also we have nursing mum Luna, with her week old kittens Badger, Bunny and Panda in care so it will all be used. 

Enjoy the video of Bessie and her family

If you can donate some Felix AGAIL kitten food - thank you- and please ring Chris on 07825 592921.