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2020 - cat rescue continued

02 January 2021
2020 - cat rescue continued
A review of 2020

We’ve all been looking forward to 2021 and though relieved to say goodbye to 2020 it’s important we salute the enthusiasm and achievements of Gosport Cats Protection’s volunteers and supporters during the last year.

Your efforts and just ‘being there’ for the cats and each other should be celebrated. Sometimes patience has been one of the hardest things to bear when we’re used to carrying out a whole range of activities to benefit cat welfare. 

It’s not just the numbers of cats helped but the ways we’ve helped in having to adapt our usual processes to Hands Free Homing and Admissions with virtual home visits and completing paperwork electronically, safety has been, and is vital. It’s been quite a learning curve but our brilliant volunteers have stepped up and risen to the demands. During 2020 Gosport CP homed a total of 61 cats and kittens after being fostered and successful home visits conducted by volunteers. One foster cat, Lucky, was adopted by her fosterers who decided they just couldn’t let her go. Sadly we’ve had 5 cats in care who on vets advice were put to sleep.

Always keen to proactively help owners and their cats, Gosport CP kicked off a £10 snip and chip (microchipping and neutering) campaign on World Spay Day in February with a view to owners being able to register their cats until the end of April. We’d hardly got started and Covid struck. However 24 cats were neutered under the initiative which is positive for those cats and owners.  

Volunteers have also improved the lives of feral cats, both individual cats and colonies, with our Trap, Neuter and Return work. Most recently a colony of 6 cats were health checked, neutered and released back to site during October.

There aren’t any quiet times with Lost & Found as cats have no regard for holidays or a pandemic. It seems that Carole has a phone and a microchip scanner with her at all times to follow up reports of missing and found cats; advertising, giving advice and scanning found cats for microchips. In 2020 Carole received and acted on 157 missing cat reports and 137 reports of found cats. For both lost and found cats by far the majority were reunited with their owners with the L&F team led by Carole finding the owners of 116 cats of these. Stand out successes were Boo, returned home after a year missing and Fluffy going home after nearly 2 years of being lost, both facilitated by Carole. The work involved in information gathering for each lost / found cat, and then more calls and visits each time a response is received to the advert is considerable.

Whilst face to face fundraising has been pretty much cancelled – the Easter Fayre was in the nick of time before national lockdown and we managed a few market stalls in the summer – online fundraising came to the fore. From the online appeals Gosport CP is thankful to receive so many donations. There were also virtual events including a quiz and sponsored challenges as well as volunteers selling items online from their home when permitted. Our amazing supporters ensured the foster cats were treated and kept entertained with gifts from the Amazon wishlist. Each and every effort is appreciated but special mentions to Carole and Mollie & David who raised the incredible sums of £2000 and £4174.56 respectively, quite a feat given all the problems in 2020. 

Through Facebook and the website we’ve aimed to keep you informed and entertained during some tough times. Despite the many challenges of 2020 we’ve pulled together to continue doing our very best for cats and should be proud. 

Thank you everyone for staying with us, for your patience, helping cats and promoting the fabulous work of Cats Protection.