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December market - THANK YOU

04 December 2021
December market - THANK YOU
It was our last High Street market stall of 2021 and we saved the best for last, raising an astonishing £431.40 (£390.84 sales & £40.56 donations). So many people to thank starting with the gentleman walking down the High Street who kindly helped us put up the gazebo at 7.30am as we didn't have quite enough volunteers! 

Mascot Charlie made a guest appearance, doing a walkabout and proving popular with children and adults alike. A huge thank you to Penny and everyone at the RSPCA shop who allowed Charlie to use their facilities - even a 5' tall cat needs a place to ensure their fur is in place before meeting their public!

It was great to talk to so many of you today and we look forward to meeting you all at the market again next year.

We have just one event left in 2021 - a stall in Fareham Shopping Centre on Saturday 11/12/21  where we'll be selling our cat-themed merchandise including Christmas cards, wrap, decorations, gifts and novelties.

Our fundraising volunteers worked so hard today, serving customers, giving advice and occasionally retrieving stock as it blew down the High Street! Thank you Toni, Clare, Sandy, Jan, Rosie, Kay, Dawn, Diffi and Kate for giving up your time in the busy run up to Christmas.

Heather Toni market
Charlie mascot market 041221 sandy clare market 041221

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