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Fireworks 2019

07 November 2019
Fireworks 2019
As you know, it's bonfire week and weekend. Please don't let your cat outside at night time. 

Fireworks are fun for us, but not for most cats. Like all wild animals, cats associate loud noises with danger, and will be stressed and fearful. Displays tend to go on for a long time, and a cat can be totally terrified and disorientated by the time quiet returns.

There'll be a display of reduced noise fireworks as part of the Christmas Lights Switch On at Gosport Town Hall, on 30th November 2019.

This link also has more info: http://www.cats.org.uk/fireworks-and-bonfire-night

You could put on Classic FM for their special show for pets, https://www.classicfm.com/radio/shows-presenters/pet-sounds/