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Banish those fleas

19 April 2020
Banish those fleas
While many cats live with fleas and show minimal signs of infestation, control is advisable because:
• the cat flea carries the larval stage of a tapeworm and cats can ingest these while grooming
• adult fleas feed on cats’ blood – this can cause life-threatening anaemia (blood loss) in young kittens
• fleas can transmit other infectious agents
• cats can be allergic to flea bites
• cat fleas can cause itchy bites on humans

It is usually much harder to treat a flea infestation than to prevent one. Cats Protection recommend using flea treatment supplied by your vet, which is more effective than those bought over the counter.

Local vets are currently only treating emergencies. Please do not visit their practices to request flea and worming treatment, but contact them as follows:

Alver Veterinary Group : email Alvervets@alvervets.co.uk .

Animed : Use their website repeat prescription form https://animedvets.co.uk/small-animals/repeat-prescriptions/

Gosport Vets4Pets: call 02392 513000 or email gosport@vets4pets.com

Companion Care Vets, Fareham Collingwood: email collingwood@companioncare.co.uk

Neighbourhood vet (Jollyes): email gosport@neighbourhoodvet.co.uk