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Hazel Alexander

15 July 2018
Hazel Alexander
It is with great sadness that we announce that Hazel Alexander, the founder of Gosport Town Cats Protection branch, passed away on 09/07/18. Hazel was passionate about cats and their welfare with decades of dedicated volunteering for the charity.  

Setting up Gosport Town CP in 1982 with daughter Debbie, they began with just £200, a cat trap, one pen funded by a volunteer situated in their garden and considerable determination. Most of the work then revolved around trapping and neutering the colonies of feral cats in the Gosport naval establishments and in the High Street area together with taming and rehoming young kittens born to ferals. Since that early work Hazel saw the branch grow with more volunteers helping more cats. 

We remember Hazel fondly, with admiration, respect and also with a smile particularly with one of her favourite tales from the first days of Gosport Town CP. Hazel often used to relay how the work was heart breaking and that she used to feed the feral cats at the Naval establishments in Gosport. On one occasion Hazel said she was sternly ticked off by a naval captain who insisted she stopped feeding the cats. Of course, Hazel refused to comply and later Celia Hammond, the former model and staunch advocate of humane treatment for feral cats, said to Hazel ‘that the captain shouldn’t have spoken to her like that, and certainly not without his hat on!’

Hazel’s passion and commitment to cat rescue was evident and her legacy is that Gosport CP continues to make a positive difference to cats in the local area with volunteers working hard to improve the lives of cats.

Hazel will be much missed and our thoughts are with her family, friends and all who knew her.