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In Memoriam

05 August 2018
In Memoriam
We have received many good wishes and kind donations from CP supporters in memory of Hazel Alexander, and Debbie and Gosport CP extend grateful thanks for these. As a volunteer powered charity it's because of donations from caring supporters that we're able to help many cats and improve the lives of cats in our local area.  

Donations have also been received in memory of Valerie Winchester and our thanks to you for remembering Valerie in this way which in turn will help Gosport CP continue it's work of rehoming cats in care and encourage owners to neuter their pet cats. 

When someone adopts a cat it saves two lives, both the adopted cat and the cat which will be rescued in it's place. We are so appreciative of all donations and recently in June and July we ran a subsidised neutering campaign for owned cats to maximise the number of cats we can help. At the end of the campaign 137 cats had been registered for neutering and microchipping. 

Once again, thank you for remembering Hazel and Valerie through your memorial gift.