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Isobella's crafts helps cats at Christmas

22 December 2019
9 year old Isobella made hair scrunchies to raise funds for Gosport Cats Protection. The idea to make the scrunchies was Isobella's as a summer project to make money for Cats Protection. Isobella and mum Helen made over 300 hair scrunchies with 46 different designs including many Christmas themes! Ingenious Isobella sold the hair scrunchies at two Christmas sales; one was at the Locksheath Junior School (pictured) and the other at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton. Isobella and Helen also sold scrunchies at the Locksheath Cricket Club and the University of Southampton where Helen works. In total they sold 227 scrunchies and raised £203 for the lovely cats at Cats Protection.

What a brilliant idea of Isobella's and we're so pleased that she chose to make and sell the scrunchies to help cats in the Gosport area. Thank you Isobella and Helen. 

Helen & Isobella are pictured with the cheque for Gosport CP which they presented to co-ordinator and fosterer Chris. They also met handsome foster cat Anton in his foster pen.