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Christmas Shoebox - THANK YOU!

23 December 2019
Christmas Shoebox - THANK YOU!
THANK YOU! We've been overwhelmed by the reaction and support to this our third annual Shoebox Appeal. Gosport Cats Protection asked you at the beginning of December 2019 to include our foster cats in the forthcoming festivities by filling a shoebox with treats and goodies to bring joy to one or more of our cats in care at Christmas time and beyond.

Many different types of items were placed in the shoeboxes. Toys, food and cat treats are always appreciated by the cats in our care. Catnip toys are particularly popular and help keep our foster cats stimulated whilst they wait for adoption. Pet blankets are also great items to include. Going to a new home can be stressful for any cat, so to help them settle we often send them off with a favoured toy and blanket so that they have something familiar. Then, of course, there’s the box itself – so many cats love a cardboard box!

We've tried to photograph all of the shoeboxes and give a thank you shout out on this page and Facebook mentioning names if you included your name with the shoebox! We’ll be photographing our cats enjoying their Christmas boxes, so do follow us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/CatsProtectionGosport/) and see the fun our cats in care get from your kind donation. looking ahead to the new year, cats can enjoy the contents of their shoebox while in care, on adoption or both. 

Alver Vets at Gosport and Stubbington have kindly agreed to act as collection points for shoeboxes and you can donate your shoeboxes now and until 20/12/19. Alternatively, you can leave your shoeboxes with our lovely volunteer Mollie at 37 Row Wood Lane, Gosport. If you would rather arrange a different drop off point, or need us to collect from you, give Chris a call on 02392 582601 or pm our Facebook page. Our appeal ran until Friday 20th December and we're still updating the website and Facebook page with photo's and thank you's to all your wonderful donors. Can you see your shoebox in the photo's? 

Thank you for thinking of cats in care. 


Our 2019 poster boy is Sinbad, (now Max), an unneutered tom cat who'd been living outdoors for two years after being left behind by his owner. Once CP were alerted to Sinbad's plight he came into our care in August and after the necessary snip, chip and vet treatment was adopted on 02/10/19 by Lynn & Geoff. 

 A lovely surprise on arriving at the vets on 03/12/19 - our Shoebox Appeal is off and running! A big thank you to Nicola Dyson and family and an anonymous donor, who have so kindly kicked off our appeal with these donations.

04/12/19: Another day and more lovely shoeboxes! 
A big thank you to Jackie and Boo, Florence, Stan and Herbie, and the anonymous donor(s) who dropped their boxes into Alver Vets Stubbington. As you can see, the boxes are checked out by Heather’s cat Minerva before being stored safely out of reach!

10/12/19: A huge thank you to the Young family; Albert, Pickle, Oscar and their human helpers Sue and the Smethurst family; and the anonymous donors of the white gift-wrapped boxes; for these shoebox gifts. 

Also collected on 10/12/19, this time from Alver Vets, Stubbington, a lovely collection of shoeboxes, some cat food, blankets and a cat toy. No name or tag on the smaller gold box, the blankets or toy but thank you. Former CP foster cats Oscar & Nancy, donated a box, the clever things. Also thanks to Sophie Davies and Sue Davies. 
shoebox1012a shoebox1012b

11/12/19: Thank you Carol Leech for thinking of cats in care and donating a shoebox. 

13/12/19 : another shoebox collection from Alver Vets, Stubbington today and such generous donations with Elaine & Sidney donating three boxes, Jason, Angela and Colin the cat donating two boxes and Carol Granahan & family also donating two shoeboxes. The other shoeboxes were donated anonymously and thank you to all our donors. 

 Having just collected 4 shoeboxes on 12/12/19, Alver Vets, Gosport phoned to say the showbox collection point was completely full. It was wonderful to see many more shoeboxes and Christmas bags filled to the brim with gifts and collected on 13/12/19. We really do appreciate your generousity and the help this is with our work for local cats. Thank you to Jenny in Southsea, the Key family & Boots, Squirt the cat, Megan & Sandra Wisdom, and Amelia Harrison, Deborah, Geoff and cats Charlie & Chester. 

17/12/19: Just a few more days to go for our 2019 Christmas shoebox appeal and we've collected another bumper crop from Alver Vets, Stubbington and our volunteer Mollie in Row Wood Lane.

A massive thank you to Kelly, Piggy and Rolly; Ralph, Nala and their humans; Jessica and Angela Palmer; Alex, Juliette and Francesca Hughes and their rescue cats Tilly and Cleo, Minnie and Mickey (helped by Stephan and Zoe Whitear) and from Zoe Whitear again in memory of her Nan, Vera Mills.


18/12/19: a special shoebox delivery full of food, treats, toys and a snuggly blanket to volunteer Kate's home from Vanessa and her feline family of Lottie & Ben. They wanted to help cats in care as they'd been 'rescue cats' too in the past. 

19/12/19: All these wonderful shoeboxes were collected from Alver vets, Gosport today. Many thanks to: Sharon, Porridge, Purdey & Millie, Patricia Lond, Matthew, Sheryl, Caitlin & furball Francis, Archie & Ralph (the cats) and Will & Jasmine (the humans), Nicky & Wendy, Alan, Tracy & Portia, Clyde, Bonnie, Katie & Dave, Panther the cat, Sue & Kerrie, Susan Ralph, Alison, Jan &  Rosie and Denise & Joe Reed. 

20/12/19: Thank you Linda Wilson for delivering this goody bag for the cats to volunteer Carole. 

Also on 20/12/19 still more amazing shoeboxes - your generousity continues and a heartfelt thank you to you all. The following shoeboxes were collected from Alver vets Stubbington, most of them were anonymous but hopefully you can see yours here and know that we're so very appreciative. We do know that Karolina & Ruta and Dorothy have kindly given boxes and very helpfully one donor noted the box for a 'boy cat' and a 'girl cat'. 

All of these fabulous shoeboxes were also collected on 20/12/19 so thank you to Vicki Gates, Honey & Jasper, Amanda, Rob & Freya Clarke, Sue Hitchman, Ruth Kelly & Toy. 

What an amazing response to our 2019 Christmas Shoebox appeal! Your donations will make such a difference to our cats in care throughout the Christmas festivities and beyond. We've also been touched by your messages of support - thank you for all your kind words. Santa Paws deliveries have started, so watch out for photos and videos of our cats in care enjoying their Christmas shoeboxes.


23/12/19: Another addition to the Christmas shoebox goodie mountain is this lovely parcel from Pixie & Peanut. There were also two large boxes, one with food and toys and the other a mixed selection of different foods had been left at Alver Gosport. Thank you everyone for your generousity.