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Izzy & co...

28 September 2020
Izzy & co...
Beautiful Izzy and her 5 kittens were found sheltering behind water barrels in a local horse field before being brought into our care on 22/09/2020. Without food and water, Izzy would have been forced to leave her kittens alone and vulnerable in order to hunt had she not been spotted by the horse owner and reported to Gosport CP.

Now safely in the Ben Potter Memorial Pen, Izzy and her babies' future is looking brighter - Izzy is eating well and kittens Sophie, Sammy, Scout, Scooter and Sebastian have a safe environment to grow and thrive in. What their fate would have been in that field is horrible to contemplate.

As a volunteer-run branch we fundraise to cover all expenses ourselves and the charity as a whole receives no government funding, so we are asking anyone who has anything spare to please help us out. With 6 extra mouths to feed, not to mention the veterinary costs involved, we're stretching our resources to the limit.

Your donation, no matter how small, is appreciated and will go towards supporting Izzy and her kittens until we can find them their forever homes. If we are lucky enough to raise more than the total needed to cover their care, it will be used to help other local cats through our branch.

 Here they are in care, on 22/09/2020