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Nepal Trek & Tiger Conservation Experience 2022

05 May 2021
Nepal Trek & Tiger Conservation Experience 2022
Climb the heights of the Nepali Himalayas and have the chance to spot tigers in their natural habitat. 

Plan something to look forward to next year! Join fellow cat-lovers for the challenge of a lifetime on our Nepal Trek and Tiger Conservation Experience 🗻🐯 Trek the Himalayas before taking part in a tiger awareness programme. Reserve your place: www.cats.org.uk/nepal22

Join Team Cats and put yourself to the test with this spectacular challenge! The five-day trek starts in the stunning Annapurna area of Nepal where you will discover the local culture while enjoying views of the snowy peaks. A highlight will be the panoramic sunrise views which unfold from Poon Hill, the highest point on the trek.

After completing your trek you will transfer to the famous Bardia National Park in the south of the country, reputed to be the best place in Nepal for potential tiger sightings. You will take part in a variety of activities and even have the chance to engage in a tiger awareness programme with the local community.