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'Operation Farm Ferals'

17 December 2018

November and early December has been especially busy for some of our volunteers who undertook a 'Trap, Neuter and Return' programme at a local farm.

The farmer contacted Gosport Cats Protection after their 3 feral barn cats turned into 14 in the space of a few months, and as the kittens were now nearing adulthood they rightly feared a population explosion! Volunteers Chris, Paula, Jan, Carol, Carole and Heather braved the cold and rain to help trap, transport and return these cats after neutering.

Feral cats perform a useful function on a farm, keeping the vermin population under control. These particular ferals were some of the healthiest we've seen as they are well fed and looked after by the farmer, who knows each one individually by sight. By the end of 'Operation Farm Ferals' we knew there were 7 boys and 7 girls - definitely a population explosion waiting to happen!

A big thank you to our volunteers who gave up their time over a period of 4 weeks, and to Alver Veterinary Group, who worked with us to ensure the health and safety of these beautiful cats.