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Santa Paws deliveries!

31 December 2019
Santa Paws deliveries!
Santa Paws has been busy, distributing the kindly donated shoeboxes to our cats in care. We'll be bringing you photo's of cats with their shoeboxes over the next few days. 

Bella, with her snow white coat has been in CP care for some months now receiving vet treatment so it was lovely to give her a Christmas box - definitely too big to be a shoebox and absolutely stuffed to the brim with everything a cat could wish for. Bella has Alex, Juliette & Francesca Hughes and rescue cats Tilly & Cleo to thank for a fabulous selction of toys, food treats, soft blankets and a brush. Bella's had fun investigating the box, has played with the bright fishing rod toy and toy mice, has enjoyed a brush, a soft blanket is now in her bed and she loves the box! As soon as Bella's ready for homing she'll be on the adoption page. 

Now we see Willow having great fun with this lovely scratch toy which was part of a donation from Matthew, Sheryl, Caitlin and their 'furball' Francis.
At 13, beautiful Willow has no problem expressing her inner kitten, and has had great fun investigating her new toys! Click the link to see Willow in play mode! 

Anton could smell the treats in his Christmas shoebox from Mr & Mrs Oaks and couldn't wait to enjoy a festive mid morning snack. The catnip toys were also popular. 
He also enjoyed snuggling on the blanket donated by Zoe Whitear in memory of her Nan, Vera Mills. Anton had been living outside for quite a while, so it's lovely to see him snuggling up nice and cosy. He is just beginning to play, so the toys that Zoe included are going to come in very handy.
 Lucky Anton had a sneaky two shoeboxes! 

Tabby girl Rosie Pink just loved exploring the parcel of her new cat bed and then settled down in it. Rosie's another cat in care still receiving vet treatment ahead of being fit for adoption. Thank you to Denise & Joe Reed for Rosie's Christmas pressie. 

The gift bag for Lillibeth and Bugsy was perfect as it contained two of everything! It also meant that Lillibeth could take her presents with her when she was adopted on Boxing Day by Hilary and David. Foster pen mate Bugsy is now happier being an only cat and he can enjoy his presents while waiting for his dental surgery and subsequent adoption. 

Handsome Romeo has only been in care for a few days and is still settling, so spends much of his time in his box where he feels safe.

This hasn't stopped him enjoying some of the treat sticks from his lovely shoebox however - as you can see they tempted him out of hiding!

Romeo is already enjoying a fuss from fosterer Jackie, so we hope he'll feel more confident soon and start playing with some of his great new toys.

Thanks you to Amanda, Rob and cat Freyja for this great donation to our 2019 Shoebox appeal.