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September Market - Thank You

12 September 2020
September Market - Thank You
A good atmosphere at our bookstall on Saturday 12th September, with sunny weather and a steel band making it almost Caribbean!

It was great to speak to so many of you during the day and talk 'cat', and we're really grateful for the donations of kitten food we received. Books, bags and calendars were the trending items today although we did sell 1 cat carrier to be used as a chicken transporter. We're told it's needed for vet trips and also to take the chickens to their hen hotel when the owners are on holiday!

A huge thank you to everyone who bought items or made donations - we raised a very creditable £262.61. None of this would be possible without our fundraising volunteers, so it's pats on the back for Sandy, Carol, Clare, Toni and Heather. Thanks also to Kellie for helping sort out the merchandise before market day. 

pictured L-R: Clare and Sandy