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£10 SNIP & CHIP, ends 31/08/19

31 August 2019
£10 SNIP & CHIP, ends 31/08/19
The £10 Snip and Chip for July & August 2019 has now ended but if you need help with neutering your cat please contact Gosport CP on 02392 582601. 

If you're a pensioner or student, in receipt of benefits, on a low income or struggling to afford to spay or neuter your cat(s), you can now get this done for the incredibly low price of £10 - and they'll be microchipped too!

To be eligible you must live in the PO12 or PO13 areas and call Gosport CP by 5pm on 31st August 2019. This isn't just for kittens - older cats welcome too!

For more information and/or to register, phone Chris on 02392 582601. Neutering doesn't just prevent kittens - there are proven health benefits for your cat too!  

If you live just outside PO12 or PO13 don't panic, our colleagues at Fareham Cats Protection are also running a £10 neutering and microchipping offer - see