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Thank you to our wonderful supporters

13 May 2020
Thank you to our wonderful supporters

What wonderful supporters you are, Thank You! We've had an amazing response to our appeal to help keep Daisy, Bertie and Ronnie amused during their extended time in care. As you can see, we've had several bumper deliveries from Amazon! Your generous gifts will help so many other foster cats in the future too. 

The Amazon deliveries keep coming and our roll of thanks is ever growing. 

Our sincere thanks go to:

David in memory of George
Mrs M Curzon
Deborah Wood
Charlotte and Scott
Lyndsay Oldridge
Zoe Flanagan
Sylvie Cooper
Claire Ronald
Molly Goodship
Caroline Giles

The cats will love playing with and will benefit from these goodies. 

And another parcel of treats has been sent by Emma Down for the cats in care. Thank you Emma and all our donors. 


And there's more! This gift from Kerry Richards received on 02/05/2020 is being inspected by Mittens, one of Chris' cats, before being safely whisked away to save for foster cats. Thank you Kerry and all our wonderful donors.