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Welcome Home Fluffy!

21 October 2020
Welcome Home Fluffy!
We love a happy ending and Fluffy's story is certainly cheering news.  

Fluffy lives in the Elson area and escaped from her cat carrier outside of Holbrook Leisure Centre on 17th November 2018. She was reported as lost to Gosport Cats Protection and L&F volunteer Carole did receive a couple of possible sightings which turned out to be false alarms.

This week(19/10/2020) we received a call from Janet who lives in The Chine, less than half mile away from where Fluffy went missing. Janet reported a black and white cat had been visiting, and once she gained Fluffy's confidence she felt it time to report the cat as a possible stray. Arrangements were made so the next time Fluffy turned up Janet would call us.

During the afternoon of 20/10/2020 Janet made that call to say the cat was back in her garden. On arrival it was good news to find the cat still in Janet's garden. After a little encouragement with a few treats the cat was happy to be scanned. Smiles when the scanner went ping and jubilation when, after accessing the national database, Carole realised it was Fluffy missing for nearly 2 years. A quick call to Fluffy's owners, Mr & Mrs Morgan, they were overjoyed Fluffy had been found. Within 30 minutes Mr & Mrs Morgan arrived on the scene, so after a few tears of joy Fluffy was scooped up and placed in her cat carrier.

We are pleased to say Fluffy is now home, we will check to see how she is getting on in a few days time.