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Keep your pets safe during fireworks

05 November 2012
Keep your pets safe during fireworks Guy Fawkes is traditionally a fun time to celebrate, but it also brings with it dangers for pets.

The flashes and bangs bring misery to many pets and we are urging people to keep their animals safe over the noisy nights ahead.

Here are some hints and tips to keep your furry companions safe: 
  • Always keep them inside when fireworks are being let off.
  • Close all windows and doors and block off cat flaps to stop pets escaping and keep noise to a minimum.
  • Draw the curtains and if your animals are used to the sounds of TV or radio switch them on to a reasonable level to block out some of the noise.
  • Prepare a den for your pet where they can feel safe – perhaps under a bed with some of your old clothes.
  • They may want to hide when the fireworks start. Let them pace around, whine, meow and hide in a corner if they want to.
  • Don’t try to coax them out or cuddle/comfort them.
  • Stay relaxed, act normally and praise calm behaviour.
  • Try not to leave your pet alone and if you do have to go out and don't be angry if you find they’ve been destructive when you get back.
  • And finally, don’t take pets with you to a fireworks display.

Find out more at www.bluecross.org.uk