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Paws for thought

10 December 2012
Paws for thought The festive season is for most people a time for celebration with friends, family and the ones you love.

However, Christmas decorations can cause issues with our furry friends, sometimes with fatal consequences.

Take a few steps to ensure your cat or kitten enjoys the festive season safely:  
  • Securely fix candles and ensure they are out of reach
  • Use unbreakable baubles made out of plastic, not glass, to avoid the risk of broken pieces getting into their paws or jaws
  • Securely fasten Christmas tree lights and wires and don't leave them dangling from the tree to avoid cat/kittens getting caught up in them
  • Don't use lametta/tinsel. If eaten, this can get stuck in throats and stomachs, requiring surgery to remove
  • Remove all sharp items on parcels or on trees including paperclips, staples and pins. Cats and kittens are very inquisitive when parcels start to appear under the tree
  • Christmas crackers can be frightening for any animal. Dispose of any small parts from the crackers to avoid cats/kittens choking on them
  • Securely store anti freeze and any other chemicals out of the way of your pets to avoid the risk of poisoning. Many animals find the taste of antifreeze very attractive, and ingesting even the smallest amount can lead to kidney failure and death, especially in cats.