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The magic of Merlin

08 January 2013
The magic of Merlin Cats Protection Greenwich is all about rehoming the cats and kittens that come into our care.

There are currently 35 volunteers, with every volunteer having their own personal story about why they joined the team who are working together to give the furry friends a loving home.

Lost and Found Officer Eva shared her story about the importance of microchipping cats and kittens.

Eva was contacted about a stray cat in Blackheath. She scanned it to see if it was microchipped and luckily it was. But to her astonishment the cat was registered at an address in Harrow. On further investigation, it turned out that the cat had been missing since August 2012.

On arrival back home Merlin ran around the house and then settled down on a bed, as much as to say: “I'm home at last.”

The owners of Merlin told us: “Merlin and his brother Enzo (a dog) are so happy to be back together again. Merlin went missing months ago. We’ve had him for the last eight years and in that time he has never gone missing. His brother Enzo missed him so much and pined for him for weeks. Merlin was found in Blackheath which still remains a mystery how he got there from Harrow. We had a few families moving at the time on our road so we can only think he got onto a removal van. Enzo is so happy to have him back and we are one big happy family again.”

The Rawling family who found Merlin in Blackheath said: “We’d like to pass on our thanks to Eva who our boys now call the pet detective! And the rest of the Cats Protection team for coming over to our home and finding the owners of Merlin. We are still amazed how he managed to get from Middlesex to Blackheath and we are so happy he got back home safely.”