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In loving memory of Toffee

by Helen

my daughter picked you for her 6th birthday, she is now 24 and moved out of the house. But you and me had a special bond. We had to make the most heartbreaking decision to put you to sleep on the 7-2-2018. I am just heartbroken. you slept above my head, and pawed me when you woke up, you snuggled in to me while watching the soaps on telly. ive stopped watching them now. You listened to all my problems, the garden wont be the same this summer with you not in it. even had our afternoon naps together. I miss you so much it hurts, You actually ruled the home, and were spoilt, our haddock supper on a Friday, you got the fish and I was left with the batter. il never ever forget you, my beautiful Toffee pops. always remember mummy loves you. xxxxxx