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In memory of Opuss

by Pippa

Opuss has been with us since I was nine years old. She died just before her 20th birthday, from a sudden stroke, despite having been loving and happy and healthy just minutes before. She was my best friend, the best listener, the best cuddler and wheezy little purrer and has taught me many things about unconditional love: I thought it was cutest thing when she vomited on my bed or ripped my new outfit or reversed in with her bottom in my face at 5 in the morning or woke me with biting my nose. She was an independent, regal little cat who expected adoration and got it. She'd always run up to you as soon as you opened the door, entwine herself around your legs, jump on your lap as soon as you sat down, head-butt you with affection. She will always be a member of my family and so much missed. I can only take comfort that she had a long and happy life and knew how much she was the centre of our lives.


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