Volunteer Brings Kitten Back To Life


Local Cats Protection volunteer Donna Bond brought a newborn kitten back to life recently as she witnessed her latest foster cat give birth to four small kittens. Donna, who volunteers for the Grimsby and District Branch of Cats Protection, checked on her latest arrival that was, to her surprise, giving birth to the first of four kittens.

Unfortunately as quickly as the first was born the second one was on its way. Instead of the mother cleaning and bonding with her first-born, kitten number two needed her attention and the first was left to one side, turning cold and limp. Thankfully Donna was witness to all of this and soon sprung into action.

Donna said, “I picked it up the poor thing and began to rub it. It was so cold. I wrapped it in my pyjamas and gently rubbed it some more. Nothing was happening and I knew that I needed to act fast.”

Donna then began to blow warm air onto the kittens’ head to increase its body temperature and continued to do so for fifteen minutes, hoping that the kitten would start to show signs of life. Donna fought desperately to revive the little black kitten while the mother gave birth to a further two, leaving four kittens in total. She had to wait another five minutes before the tiny kitten started to breathe and move its limbs.

“I was so relieved when it started to move and I could see it breathing. I quickly put the kitten back with its mother in order for her to bond with it. I couldn’t believe what had just happened!” said Donna. The first kitten had no problems bonding with its mother, brothers and sister and is now a healthy three month old kitten.

His mother was successfully re-homed with a family in Fulstow and kittens’ number one and two will be rejoining her this week, making for a great family reunion. Kittens three and four have been found separate homes, also through Cats Protection. Donna explains, “Being a cat and kitten fosterer is so rewarding and I encourage anyone to open their home to the many cats in need of homes in our area.”

You can adopt a cat or kitten from Cats Protection or become a fosterer like Donna: outdoor cat pens and training are provided and there is always someone on the end of a phone for help and advice. Please contact the Grimsby Branch on 01472 432329 or email grimsbycats@gmail.com for more information. Follow us on Twitter @CatsProtection and Facebook – search ‘Cats Protection’.