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Alex' Story

23 July 2013
Alex My name is Alex. I always loved animals and loved the idea of having a pet after wanting one since I was around 3 years old. My mum decided that my eighth birthday would be a good time.
We phoned Cats Protection and had a vsit from a lady who told us all about how to look after kittens. It was very interesting. She told us before she left that there might  be a kitten for us.
Before anyone knew whether our cat was a boy or girl, Cats Protection called her Eric but when they discovered she was a girl they called her Erica. Soon we went to meet Erica and her sisters Minnie & Jessie (See Scarlett's Story)who were living with Liz. We made our decision that Erica was the one, as we fell in love with her. We played with her until everyone (including Erica) was worn out. My Mum discussed with Liz that she would be coming to live with us the following Friday.
When she arrived she spent some time exploring the house and us. We had bought her a scratching post with a bed and toy which she loves. We decided to change her name to Tinks; short for Tinker; short for Tinkerbell!! She is playful and sociable and loves falling asleep on our laps, if there are 2 people she will sleep between us. She folows us everywhere and miaows loudly when she is on her own. She has fitted into the family really easily and now we can't imagine not having her.I recently had to have an operation to fix my ear and I have had to take some time off school, which I was not happy about but at least I had my new friend Tinks to keep me company!!
Alex Rose