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Happy Families

08 August 2013
Happy Families In January 2013 three elderly cats , two sisters and a brother, suffering from neglect were brought in to our Branch. Sadly the brother died soon afterwards. In February the two 15 year old sisters, Mitzi and Missie, then went into long term fostercare with Jackie, our homing officer. Mitzi, tabby with white, was found to have an overactive thyroid and raised blood pressure and Missie, white with tabby patches, has some arthritis in her back legs.
Once they were settled in and feeling better they began to show their personalities.
Mitzi tries to dominate her sister, stealing her food and generally being quite noisy and demanding. Missie is more daring, and was the first to find her way through the catflap into the garden. She is a very dainty old puss.
Both sisters take over the bed in the mornings, though Missie likes to claim a space there all night too. Later in the day they are usually found on and in front of Jackie's favourite chair.
Sometimes they both sit on the doormat and wash each other's faces, then have a little hiss and spit to finish off.
Two typical old sisters!!